• Pera and Schwandner

Wendy: We should call tomorrow, call the airport. Find out what’s what.

Eddie: Yeah, because if you’re going to do your thing Friday or so . . .

Schwandner: No, but we’re giving you enough time to get out and get to another state.

This is Recycling Week on the Bleader, and I want to contribute. But I’m not dusting off something I wrote once upon a time for this website; I’m looking back 40 years to a story I originally covered for the Sun-Times.

The “thing” Allan “Lonnie” Schwandner had penciled into his schedule for Friday was to release into the water and air a bacterial cocktail that would kill by the millions across a five-state area. Schwandner, 19, and his fellow conspirator, Stephen Pera, 18, planned to survive the scourges of of typhoid, meningitis, botulism, anthrax, diphtheria, and the bubonic plague by inoculating themselves, as well as close friends like Edward and Wendy.