The Tribune Company bankruptcy, one day in…

Contempt for Sam Zell, from Roger Ebert.

And a snicker, from Forbes.

It wasn’t just Zell, from the New York Times.

The whole industry’s in crisis, from the Tribune’s David Greising.

What will be will be, from the Tribune‘s Steve Chapman.

Sam Zell, what role did he play? From today’s criminal complaint against Governor Blagojevich.

When the governor was cuffed, Monday’s bankruptcy filing suddenly felt like ancient history. The complaint alleges (among other things)  that Blagojevich cooked up a scheme involving the Illinois Finance Authority that would save Zell about $100 million in capital gains taxes when the Tribune Company sold Wrigley Field. But, according to the complaint, Blagojevich’s help carried a price tag — the head of Tribune editorial writer John McCormick, and maybe some of McCormick’s colleagues.

The deal didn’t go down. McCormick’s still at the Tribune.

As for Sam Zell — clean as a whistle, or will mud cling?

The Tribune Company issued a statement Tuesday afternoon — not about its bankruptcy but about its honor