Here’s an unofficial but more or less complete list of editorial employees the Tribune is leaving behind:

Resigned: Ann Marie Lipinski, Michael Tackett, Ron Silverman, Tim McNulty, Paul Salopek, Maury Possley, Hanke Gratteau, Skip Myslenski, Ed Sherman, Tom Heinz, Steve Franklin, Chuck Osgood, Stephen Ravenscraft, Evan Osnos (he’s leaving soon to join the New Yorker).

Laid off:  Mark Hinojosa, Rick PopleyPopely, Mary Ann Fergus, Susan Chan, Emeri O’Brien, Ray Quintanilla, Jeff Williams, Jeff Meitrodt, Gail Mitchell, Donna Pierce, Elaine Melko, Dwayne Pallanti, Kelly Haramis, Robert Manor, Terry Harris, Robert Reinalda, Bill Fletcher, Stephen Ravenscraft, Lana Gwinn, Gentry Sleets, Charlie Dickinson, Norm Unger, Paul Iwanaga, Lew Freedman, Luke Mundo, Chris Brown, Linda Young, Stan Ziemba, Steven Morris, Wally Tokarz, Marcia Borucki, Pat Kampert, Robin Jenkins, Anna Seeto, Julie Hudson, Mike Martinez, Eric Freehling, Jason Goodrich, Peter Fuller, Gail Glaser.

Some of these names I don’t know. The departures of some I’ve already reported (here, here, and here). And some I’ve had the pleasure of writing about before in admiring contexts — such as Salopek, Franklin and Dickinson. The Tribune is diminished.