If it works it’ll be wonderful — a weekly special edition stuffed with premium content, tentatively called Five Star. From what I hear — not that anyone at the Tribune is doing much talking — the idea is to publish on Sunday and offer it to Tribune subscribers for $5, which is $1 less than the cost of the Sunday New York Times.

Five Star is being designed to be the complete antithesis of Red Eye — and the contrast with today’s Tribune is also regrettably considerable. The focus will be on local news and cultural affairs, but the reporting and commentary will be long and thoughtful. If it works, everyone else in town might have to raise their game.

But will it work? There are reasons for skepticism — though I’m sure they occurred to Five Star‘s creators in the Tower long before they occurred to me as I paged through a dummy. Five Star‘s the subject of my column this week, and you can read it here.