. . . is that people might spell your last name wrong, which means getting you mixed up with south side Congressman Dan Lipinski. Dan Lapinski is an aldermanic candidate for the 41st Ward, which includes O’Hare International Airport and a few northwest Chitown neighborhoods. The Pioneer Press mixed up the surnames in an article on a 41st ward candidate forum, and others are likely to until February 22.

Does being confused with Dan Lipinski help or hurt Dan Lapinski’s campaign? Well, in the 41st Ward, it’s hard to say if it would help or hurt him if voters mistake him for “the only Democrat to vote against President Barack Obama’s health care reform bill,” or “that guy who won free cheese steaks in a hockey bet with some Philly Congressman” (betting on sports and eating meat are immoral activities). FWIW, Lapinski is a fiscally conservative ex-Marine firefighter who claims no party affiliation and is “not a politician.”