• Genki Sudo and World Order

In this week’s In Rotation I wrote about my infatuation with Grimes’s Tumblr, and wouldn’t you know it, as soon as it went online she proved me right by posting some of the most thoroughly amazing music videos ever.

The band behind them is called World Order, and they’re from Japan. The guy behind the band is Genki Sudo, an actor, essayist, and former world-class mixed martial artist who’s spending his post-MMA career making electropop music and filming extremely insane music videos to accompany it.

In each of them Sudo and his crew, all wearing the severe suits and haircuts of the Japanese salaryman, perform intensely complex choreographed dance routines where they frequently do real-time physical emulations of film special-effects like slow motion and video tracers. It looks so unreal that it’s hard to believe, but most of their shoots take place in public spaces, with no apparent attempts to keep passersby out of frame, so you’ll frequently see people gawking at the performances—which also suggests that there’s no postproduction trickery.

Each video is a minor masterpiece of the uncanny colliding with the banal, and I hope no one lets David Byrne see them because I’m afraid he might literally shit his internal organs out. Check them out after the jump.