The best Canadian journalists write so damned well about Americans and our agonies that I asked my sister Dixie McIlwraith in Vancouver what they’ve been saying lately. Here’s a batch on the election from the Globe and Mail, the country’s leading national newspaper, and if you’ve overdosed on our native pundits they’re a tonic.

By Roy MacGregor, on why Barack Obama wouldn’t stand a chance running for office in Canada, even though just about every Canadian wants to see him elected president.

By Ian Brown, on why it matters that a black man is favored in the race for president, and whether it really matters.

By Michael Posner, on how a couple of Quebec comedians duped Sarah Palin.

And by Andrew Ryan, a primer on the TV talking heads who’ll keep millions of Americans (and Canadians too) up past their bedtimes Tuesday night.

Dixie adds, “At a party last evening I was speaking with someone who builds and races dragster cars.  He says he has the 7 last years North American titles (whatever that means.)  He says on the drag car circuit all the talk is about Obama the terrorist. That is one Canadian’s concern about how the American heartland might vote. But otherwise I think Canadians would be terribly disappointed if McCain won, and yet gratified to learn again that all their disdain for American character and intelligence was justified. Once Obama wins, people will start seriously questioning whether it will be good for Canada, decide it won’t, and then relax. It never is, so they won’t expect anything more.”