In last week’s issue of the Reader, I wrote about Portland artist Brenna Murphy and her forthcoming appearance at the Gene Siskel Film Center (Thu 9/27, 6 PM), where she’ll be presenting her work as part of the ongoing experimental film series, Conversations at the Edge, in collaboration with Lampo, a nonprofit organization dedicated to experimental multimedia events in Chicago. Murphy works in a variety of forms and therefore isn’t a “filmmaker” in the traditional sense—in addition to sculpting and music, she also creates experimental “video games” and labyrinth-like Web pages—but her video work, which utilizes 21st-century technology in truly unique ways, is some of the most sensuous filmmaking you’re likely to come across. Sight and sound are morphed and twisted to represent a reality that resembles our own but nevertheless yields to a burgeoning digital influence.

I asked Murphy a few questions about her work and the nature of her process.