I don’t think there’s a more entertaining blog out there than the one published by WFMU, the fantastic free-form radio station based in Jersey City, New Jersey. It’s amazing enough that the station allows anyone outside of listening range to receive a high-quality stream—and then leaves its shows on the server in perpetuity—but its MP3-heavy blog is something else altogether. There’s an astonishing mix of aural oddities—some for laughs, some for provocative listening. Recent highlights include songs about squirrels, a weird video mash-up of Primus and Bollywood legend Mohd Rafi, and strange Jew’s harp songs from an obscure album recorded by notorious McCarthy-era snitch Harvey Matusow. There are also plenty of videos and crazy links offered. Many of the station’s excellent DJs contribute to the site, so there’s always a diverse array of stuff getting uploaded. It’s a great way to waste an hour or ten. [Editor’s note: the station’s location has been corrected.]