Dan Mihalpoulos and Katie Fretland, 1/22:

Before walking out of the back room encounter with Rolando Rodriguez, Wal-Mart’s regional general manager for Illinois and northern Indiana, Mr. Daley urged the company to do a better job of swaying public opinion, the source who witnessed the conversation said.

Kevin Robinson, 1/26:

I wanted to know more about who was behind what appeared to be a community group that supported opening a Wal-Mart in the neighborhood, so I did two things. First, I emailed the address that had been commenting on the site, asking for an on the record interview about their involvement in the movement to bring Wal-Mart to Chicago. Then I looked up the IP address (information provided with each comment) and found the comments were made from an IP address associated with Serafin and Associates.

Some days I wonder if I’m selling my habit of writing ill-tempered things about politics at below market rates.