Been quiet recently. Been thinking that instead of writing I should just post pictures of the latest wall I’ve kicked a hole in. I will be under my desk, discovering what happens when you brew ground-up aspirin in a french press.

* “Worst. Budget Year. Ever.”

* Pat Quinn is giving out tax breaks and raises

* Todd Stroger Still Squarely in the “Screw It” Zone

* Audit: City misspent TIF Funds

* An ongoing issue in the gubernatorial and Senate races: the horrifying spectacle of candidates following the tax code, which at least provides the grim amusement of a Republican going after a Democrat for not paying enough taxes

* “A former aide testified today that Gov. Rod Blagojevich worked in the office less than nine hours a week, and sometimes hid to avoid a staffer bearing bad budget news

I cannot think of a period in my life when I have actively dreaded voting. Gonna be a long slow stumble to November. I fear pulling the lever in the election booth is going to feel like being in the Milgram experiment.