• Michael Moll
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The next few days are packed with local musicians putting together cover sets for Halloween, ranging from takes on the Descendents to Thin Lizzy, but what might be the holiday’s most interesting cover show is happening tonight, Thu 10/30, in a west-side DIY space. Some of Chicago’s gnarliest noisemakers are getting together to pay tribute to some of music’s weirdest and harshest acts. The event is headlined by confrontational synth project Panicsville (whose lineup includes Andy Ortmann and Brett Naucke), who will be covering some truly offensive material by English extreme power-electronics collective Whitehouse. The rest of the night is rounded out by more weirdness, including sets dedicated to Death in June, Kate Bush, Throbbing Gristle, and others.

The venue’s name and location can’t be listed here, but it’ll be worth doing the necessary digging to find it, because this is bound to be unlike any other Halloween show you’ll wind up at this year.