The White Sox were defeated by the Royals yesterday.
  • Orlin Wagner/AP
  • The White Sox were defeated by the Royals yesterday.

Is this the year, baseball fans?

Chicago sportswriters doubt it. The scribes in Saint Louis are more hopeful.

Not about the Cardinals. About the Chicago teams.

I just compared the published predictions of five Tribune baseball writers and five who write for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. (The Sun-Times dropped out of this spring ritual a few years ago.)

All ten of them like the Cardinals in the NL Central. One writer in each city (here, it’s Fred Mitchell) picks the Cubs to make the playoffs as a wild card team.

But there’s separation over the White Sox. Mitchell thinks the Sox will reach the postseason as a wild card, but that’s all the love they get from the Tribune. Two Post-Dispatch writers actually pick them to wind up on top of the AL Central.

I report this because it’s the time of year when everybody wants to find a reason to hope. Sometimes Chicago fans need help looking.