Well, after nearly a year and a half, it’s time to see how mulefoots perform on the plate.

Back when we bought our own mulefoot with the aim of following the care and feeding of one of these rare heritage pigs and eventually hosting a public snout-to-tail dinner, I knew there was one chef who’d make the most of it–Paul Kahan. To my great delight, not only has Kahan agreed to cook for us (even in the midst of the frenzy surrounding the opening of his new restaurant, the Publican), but he’s enlisted a formidable lineup of talent to help out. 

On Sunday, October 19, Kahan will be joined at Blackbird by Paul Virant of Vie, Jason Hammel and Amalea Tshilds of Lula, Blackbird’s Mike Sheerin, Avec’s Justin Large, and the Publican‘s Brian Huston in preparing a six-course mulefoot pig dinner–and you’re invited.

Tickets are $125 (including wine but not tax or tip). It all starts with a champagne reception at 6, followed by dinner at 6:30. Proceeds benefit Kahan’s choice of Slow Food Chicago

Blackbird, 619 W. Randolph, is taking reservations now at 312-715-0708.

Note: The Reader’s pig, Dee Dee–for a variety of reasons I’ll get into in an upcoming post–has won herself a reprieve from the dinner table. Instead Valerie Weihman-Rock will be providing three third-generation mulefoots–possibly Dee Dee’s offspring–for the dinner. In the coming weeks we’ll be following the pigs and the proceedings–from the farm, to the slaughterhouse, to the kitchen–right here on the blog.

In the meantime, if you want to catch up, see the entries in the whole Whole Hog Project posted in chronological order.