A dispatch from Valerie Weihman-Rock, keeper of now 40 mulefoots, and a keen observer of porcine behavior:

Dee Dee had seven babies last week. All white footed. Crystal had three, so I gave one of Dee Dee’s to her. They gave birth within an hour of each other! All doing fine. Cute how the moms tuck the babies into a straw nest before walking off to poo, then coming back, uncovering them, grunting to call them to her and carefully lying down for them.”

Valerie also says she’s sent off a couple of breeding pairs to other farmers. That’s comforting in light of the barn fire in South Dakota, that took out so many of Arie McFarlen’s animals.

Speaking of poo, it’s a worldwide problem. But there are some solutions. One is simply to convince people to eat less meat.

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