I received a note from Valerie Weihman-Rock, caretaker of the Argyle, Wisconsin, mulefoots, bearing the momentous news that most of the young females are about to become sows–even our Dee Dee
“The piggies are doing fine,” she writes. “They have grown fantastically. All the females seem to be pregnant (perhaps not Dayspring Domatillo–the one that untied your shoelace). They are due soon. I anticipate between Palm Sunday and Easter, although I will be housing them earlier. Since it is so cold, they will have little houses in the barn which are heated. They will get to come and go, though. But little ones need additional heat.
“The pigs are doing fine with this cold, although I am sure it takes a lot of calories just to generate heat. Their houses are warm from the BTUs of heat they generate. And there is straw and alfalfa three feet deep or more. They have also dug the bottom of the houses deeper into ground to increase comfort. And it was fun for them to dig too. 
“We had fun last night adding new straw on top of old, bubbling through warm water with sugar, salt and vitamin/mineral mix. The boys had a great time tearing up a large feed bag and shaking it around. Donatello spun in circles a couple times.
“They seem happy and are glad to see me. Even though they are pretty large and weigh a lot, they are easy to walk amongst.”