I finally got to see the latest generation of mulefoots under the care of Valerie Weihman-Rock in Argyle, Wisconsin, and brought back a ton of photos (attached) and video (which I’ll post later this week). There are 17 new piglets in all, a little more than three and four weeks old.

The Reader‘s pig, Dee Dee, has undergone some changes since the last time I made it up there. For one, she’s huge, and nowhere is that more striking than in her jowls, which have filled out, making her snout appear much shorter than it used to. She seems a lot friendlier too. She’ll sniff your hand, talk, and express a curiosity that I haven’t seen before in her. Valerie theorized that might have something to do with her getting a lot more attention now that she’s a mother–and liking it. Dee Dee had four piglets, including one adopted by Reader correspondent David Hammond, named Ermine. Check out her face while she’s nursing–pure, unadulterated bliss.