Blackbird sent along a rough draft of the menu for Sunday’s mulefoot dinner. I’m speechless but for the wave of saliva breaching my lips.

Mike Sheerin– Blackbird

Braised “country style” ham with preserved plums, cippolini onions, royal trumpet mushrooms, and butternut squash-miso

Justin LargeAvec

Head-cheese ravioli with whole-grain mustard pasta, cavolo nero, pork consomme, lemon oil

Paul VirantVie

Roasted caillette, Tuscan kale sauerkraut, plum and pinot noir jam, country bacon with pickled onions, smoked hock pork jus

Jason HammelLula Cafe

Pork belly and house-cured sardine with local honey, celery, and green apple jam

Brian HustonThe Publican

Ham chop cooked in hay with lobster mushrooms and lentils

Tim Dahl – Blackbird/Avec

Cheese & Chicharrones

Keep in mind things could change after slaughter this week.

The collected Whole Hog Project.