One of the things I constantly heard during the Great Tucker Max CTA Dustup of 2009 was that admitting to taking offense at the misogynistic ad campaign was all part of his most geniusist plan to get everyone to see his movie and become the Tyler Perry of spoiled white man-children – no, really. (Kyra Kyles: “His drunken exploits with hot women obviously earned him a fan base. Some say you can’t argue with success. So I won’t.”)

How’s that working out?

“So it’s a little heartening to note that the thing is generating returns that make An American Carol look like Titanic…

The budget for the film is a reported $7m, and it’s made about $900k over 11 days. It’ll probably fall well short of the auteur’s $20m to $200m projections, but it might break even yet. Perhaps they can redo their ad campaign to sell it more honestly as a pathos-inducing drama.