In his anger over the latest parking meter meltdown–just when you think it’s bad, it gets worse–alderman Joe Moore told the Sun-Times that his vote in favor of privatizing the system was “probably the worst vote I’ve made in my 18 years in the City Council.”

Hmm, tough call. I’d have to say that his votes in favor of bringing the Olympics to town are in close competition. The Olympics are like a bad joke that Mayor Daley is playing on his loyal constituents. If the International Olympic Committee gives us the games, it will probably cost us much more than selling off the parking meters. It will burden future Chicagoans with debt and rising taxes for years to come.

Not that I’m picking on Alderman Moore. In terms of independence, he’s one of the better council members we’ve got. And unlike the 39 others who voted for the parking deal, he at least admits he got it wrong.