• Andrea Bauer
  • Adrienne Alexander (pictured) joins Mick and Ben at the Hideout on Tuesday, June 3, joined by state rep Christian Mitchell and Will Guzzardi.

As part of a determined effort to make me feel like the oldest man in Chicago, Mick Dumke and I have assembled a guest list for our June 3 show at the Hideout that can best be described as young, younger, and youngest.

I mean, they’re so young, they’ll probably all get carded at the door—Mick included.

Joining us will be state rep Christian Mitchell, AFSCME lobbyist Adrienne Alexander, and recently elected state rep Will Guzzardi.

“This is probably the first time I’ve been the oldest member of a panel,” says Alexander, who at age 28 is the grandma of this bunch.

Wait! Correction!

Guzzardi hasn’t actually been elected to the house yet—it just seems that way because he’s been running, like, forever. But he still has to win the general election in November before he’s officially the state rep of the 39th District.

Of course, a triumph in November looks like a sure thing since he’s running unopposed. Even I would have trouble losing an election that had no one else in the race.

In case you haven’t heard us talking about it already, Mick and I host a show called First Tuesdays—on account of the fact that it’s on the first Tuesday of the month—featuring brilliant guests and scintillating conversation.

I still haven’t quite recovered from the April show, when former alderman Dick Mell explained how local politics really work.

Much of June’s discussion will undoubtedly deal with statewide issues such as educational funding, pension reform, and the governor’s race between Pat Quinn and Bruce Rauner.

We also might get around to talking about—what else—Chicago politics.

For instance, in the March primary, Mitchell used a strong endorsement from his political mentor, Toni Preckwinkle, to defeat Jay Travis, who was backed by Karen Lewis and the Chicago Teachers Union.

So I’m sure we’ll want to know if Christian will be supporting Preckwinkle when she runs against Mayor Emanuel. I mean, if she runs.

As for Guzzardi, he defeated Toni Berrios, the daughter of Joe Berrios, chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party. So having defeated one Democratic powerhouse, we’ll want to know whether he’s ready to stand up to another—house speaker Michael Madigan.

Poor Will—the dude hasn’t even taken office and I’m already giving him a hard time.

As for Ms. Alexander, the union member of our panel, we’re going to make her solve the state’s pension crisis—right there on the stage at the Hideout!

No pressure, Adrienne.

It’s $5 at the door, and the show begins at 6:30 PM.