Ben Joravsky, 2005:

The CTA hasn’t produced any market studies showing there’s even a demand for an express service to the airports—especially at $10 to $15 a ride.


A traveler can catch the Blue Line at O’Hare and get off at Clark and Lake or Washington and Dearborn and walk a block or two to the Oriental, see the show, and go back to O’Hare. Or make a similar trip in and out of the Loop on the Orange Line. True, the Blue Line takes about 45 minutes to reach the Loop from O’Hare, and the express line will supposedly take only 30. But then the Blue Line costs only $1.75 to ride.

Crain’s, August 18, 2010:

In a news release Wednesday, Daley says the O’Hare Express Blue Ribbon Committee will evaluate whether new train service is feasible and then make a plan to develop it.

Update: Jon Hilkevitch has more:

The new express service that Daley outlined in vague terms Wednesday would be operated by a private company, offering an alternative—and perhaps competition—to the Blue line.