• The zucchini/defensive weapon

A Montana woman drove off a black bear with a “garden fresh zucchini” last week, the Missoulian reports. The bear had attacked the woman’s dog and then turned on her; she was standing just outside the door of her house and reached in, grabbed the zucchini off the counter, and threw it at the bear, which ran away.

This means that there may be something to the advice in 101 Weapons for Women, a book that suggests women ward off attackers with lipstick brushes and dental floss. As ridiculous as it sounds to stab someone with a plastic straw, whip him with a pair of gloves, or throw coins at him, it’s no more far-fetched than scaring off a bear with a zucchini. Though I’d still like to see an increase in the number of women carrying cacti around in order to be prepared for the classic cactus-to-the-groin defense.

(h/t Louisa Chu for the bear link, Jerome Ludwig for the book link)