For some reason my apartment’s been a hotbed of mad retarded music-related googling in the past few days. Possibly its peak—or nadir, depending on your perspective—came the other night when I stumbled upon a treasure trove of vintage TV show theme songs. (The inspiration to search for it came in part from the Onion’s recent 22 TV Opening-Credit Sequences that Fit Their Show Perfectly feature.) While some of the theme songs are notable mostly for nostalgia purposes (Alf has a remarkably egregious amount of slap bass that puts even the most slap-bass-happy songs on the list to shame) some of them honestly beat ass. That’s because they’re from Mike Post, who pretty much owns the TV theme writing game. Among his other triumphs are the themes to the A-Team, Hill Street Blues, and Law & Order, which is about the smoothest, funkiest jam of all time. I would urge any aspiring hip-hop producers to really think about jacking the Hill Street Blues theme song for sample material. Dude is like the Scott Storch of opening credits songs.