One year ago, heavy metal royalty Slayer released their first new song into the world since 2009’s World Painted Blood LP, and this weekend we get one more, when they unleash a picture-disk seven-inch for “When the Stillness Comes” for Record Store Day. This will be the first official single off the long-awaited upcoming record, whose production has been bogged down with dramatic personnel shifts that included the departure of founding drummer Dave Lombardo and the passing of guitarist Jeff Hanneman. Never ones to throw in the towel, Slayer charged on: Exodus guitarist Gary Holt, who’d been filling in for Hanneman live, permanently took over his position, and Paul Bostaph, who’d played with the band for years before, inherited the drum throne one again. Not only is the new album completed, but the band reports that an entire other record’s worth of material is finished as well.

So how is “When the Stillness Comes,” today’s 12 O’Clock Track? Well, it’s OK. It stomps along at a sluggish midtempo pace, abandoning the frenzied thrash of the band’s heyday. What it does lack in excitement and energy, it makes up for in attitude, with riffs and vocals as mean and evil as ever, and the band handles the beastly guitar parts and monster rhythm with surgical precision. Sure, it’s not an instant classic—and there’s not a high-speed, dive-bombed guitar solo in sight—but it’s still Slayer, so it can’t actually be totally bad. Check it out below.