No ones making the Kenoshans guide to Chicago
  • Joseph Cr Vourteque, via WBEZ
  • No one’s making the Kenoshan’s guide to Chicago

When I saw this map posted on WBEZ’s Tumblr, I thought, “damn, girl, what’s that smell? Could it be the can of worms the radio station is opening up by drawing attention to some crackpot’s New York-centric

I feel I am uniquely qualified to sound off on this controversy. Well, not uniquely, but as a New York native who’s settled relatively well in Chicago for five-and-a-half years who enjoys claiming that he knows this city better than anyone else who’s lived here as long as he have (if you can knock a few off if you take into account the hyperbolic time chamber that is Hyde Park), I know the both of them pretty darn well. And let me tell you . . .

He’s kind of got a point. If you can get past Chicago’s persistent of Second City syndrome, New York’s auspicious snobbery, the hints of racism in the West Side-Bronx juxtaposition, and the idea of representing a city in easily recognized parts of another place so that it can be quickly digested, then this can be useful to you! Okay, some of us can’t get behind that:

And that’s okay. But consider the importance of Broadway in Manhattan and in northern Chicago

The thing with this map is that, besides being vaguely belittling and deeply incurious, it’s only half right. I’d move the chronically underdeveloped Bronx to the South Side, not only because they share a bombed-out
Plus, it’s missing the major caveat that these comparisons are far more apt for the New York of the 1970s,’80s, and 90s. New York’s murder rate was double what Chicago’s is today while its fallen to about was about the same as Chicago’s in 2010— more of New York’s windows were broken

But if there’s a silver lining to this thing, it’s that New York was so much cooler back then.

And if you it really makes you mad, get even! Splash‘s Susana Negovan pointed out to me in the lunch room a little while ago that she wouldn’t mind a Chicagoan’s Guide to New York for those times when