“Celebrities, scientists and polar bears, oh my,” a headline in the December 11 Tribune, followed on January 4 on the Tribune editorial page by: “Triple digit oil: Oh, my!” Meanwhile, in the last few weeks . . .

“Line, Tigers and James, oh my,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Hogs and Tigers and Bears, Oh My,” CSTV.com

“Lions and Tigers and a T-Wolf (oh, my!), Deseret Morning News

“Alligators, goats and chickens — oh, my!” Hickory Daily Record

“Observing lions and ravens and bears . . . oh my!” Miami Herald

“Dinosaurs, cowboys and Santa, oh my!” Marshall Independent

“Vikings, Redskins or Saints. . . oh my,” Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Courtrooms and Meltdowns and Bling. . . Oh My!” znet.org

“Def Leppard, REO and Styx, oh my,” mlive.com

“Sex taps and outings and schlubs, oh my!” salon.com

“My View — Rehab, jail and drugs? Oh, my,” Mankato Free Press

“Flirting, shaming and firings, oh my,” Louisville’s Courier-Journal

“USB drives, iPod docks, surge protectors, oh my!” Orlando Sentinel

“CES and cable and telcos — oh my!” telecommagazine.com

“Aliens & Snowstorms & Spontaneous Combustion . . . Oh My!” cinematical.com

This list could go on, and I doubt anyone wants it to.