Great moments in activist journalism:

“The media had their skeptics, such as Joseph Medill, managing editor of the Chicago Tribune. He and Dr. Keeley made a bet. Mr. Medill would send a half-dozen of Chicago’s most inveterate Skid Row drunks to Dwight [Illinois]. If they were cured, Mr. Medill would pay their bills. If not, there would be no charge.

“Dr. Keeley won. ‘They went away sots and returned gentlemen,’ Mr. Medill conceded, giving the Keeley Institute the kind of publicity that can’t be bought. But Dr. Keeley also advertised widely in newspapers and magazines, another source of friction between him and the medical profession.”

The list of euphemisms for being a drunk is long, but the one for sobering up is short. Thanks to the article above, we can resurrect “gone to Dwight” for that purpose. I don’t recommend the gold chloride injections, however, unless you hear otherwise from a doctor.