There are several very good reasons why I don’t really care who did or didn’t make the 2012 edition of XXL magazine’s annual Freshman Class feature, which highlights rappers with the potential to break out over the next year. The top three, in descending order, are 1) the ongoing catastrophic laptop malfunction that’s currently taking precedence over everything else in my life, 2) the fact that I understand that these sort of features are purely subjective, and 3) the fact that I understand that manufacturing buzz by trolling hardcore hip-hop fans is kind of half the point of the Freshman Class. (The Internet has decided yet again that this the “Worst XXL Freshman Class EVAR,” of course, which amounts to proof.)

But Rap Twitter doesn’t feel the same way, and all day my timeline has been blowing up with people who are outraged (outraged!) that certain rappers made the Freshman Class while certain other ones did not. Despite the fact that I’m aware that the only people who will give a shit about the XXL cover 30 days from now will be the rappers on it, the most popular suggestions I’ve seen concerning who should have made the cut actually comprise a pretty nice collection of talent. So after the jump I threw together a little YouTube mix tape of them.