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Barbara Brotman mentioned in the Trib the other day that Red Line riders, adapting to new cars the CTA is putting into service this month, may benefit from the experiences of others—namely our friends on the Green and Pink Lines, who’ve already had the pleasure of the new models. Their most prominent feature is rows of seats that face inward, toward the center aisle, with only a couple seats remaining in the classic forward-backward orientation. Brotman’s notes are helpful, though we regular Red Line patrons may remember the cars from times in the last couple years when the CTA was testing them out: they took me home once or twice and then they disappeared. (According to chicago-l.org, tests of the new series began in 2010.)

Brotman touches on the sociosexual dynamics of this new style of travel, a wisp of a thesis I’d like to develop a little more here. She writes: “Ladies, learn from my uncomfortable experience: Reconsider bending to retrieve something from your purse on the floor if there is a gentleman standing inches in front of you. There is nothing you need that badly.”