Yes they are! Don’t argue:

— According to a guy named Dan, Chicago is the cradle of civilization for the daily-deal industry. The residents of no other city can claim this distinction.

— (Some of) American Airlines’s flight attendants are getting their jobs back. International flights are picking up for reasons that don’t even seem to involve Americans fleeing the country.

— People are buying loads of Caterpillar products again. Turbine engines are the new smart phones, popularity-wise.

Corporate spending resurgence! Also, young loaded people are buying more spatulas and ottomans. (Or ottomen? No, it’s ottomans.)

— We’re still more populated than Houston. Everything’s big in Texas, but not bigger.

— People still like unions more than governments.

— Our farms are becoming more valuable, because we bedazzled them.

— We’re late on paying our mortgages less than we have been in recent years. And if we play the lottery, we might win enough money to pay off the whole thing, you never know.

— We’ve found a potential cure for mouse baldness.

— The state senate is trying to increase the minimum wage, so we can all afford our mortgage payments and Caterpillar turbine engines.

So there you go. Yeah, commodity prices are rising, and that’s not good, but you can’t do much about it. TGIF!