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Boy, has it been a lousy week here at the Reader. First we found out that the paper’s being touted to potential buyers more aggressively than we (or I, at least) had previously thought. Then on Wednesday, it turned out that every employee of Creative Loafing was getting a 5 percent cut in pay—like tithing, only involuntary. Nobody at the Reader got laid off; unfortunately that wasn’t true companywide. In honor of the decision, on Wednesday night I made about 5 percent of an effort to drink 5 percent less than I was tempted to, but then my boss started buying instead. He said he was better positioned to take the hit; a not unpersuasive point, and I yielded it after I argued with him with about 5 percent ardor. I woke up Thursday morning feeling only about 5 percent better than I had the previous afternoon.