Hey, what are you doing right now? Nothing? Cool. How about you just listen to Commodores’ “Nightshift”? Nah? OK, got it.

Are you sure you don’t want to listen to Commodores’ “Nightshift”? Because I kind of get the feeling that you want to listen to it. I mean, it’s a pretty great song. Oh, not your thing? Too 80s? Too cheesy? Sure, I understand.

But wait, are you sure you don’t want to listen to “Nightshift”? It’s sounding pretty good right now. Yeah, “Nightshift.” You know who loves “Nightshift”? Joakim Noah. He’s pretty cool, right? Well, he fucking LOVES “Nightshift” (editor’s note: we have no actual confirmation that Joakim Noah loves “Nightshift”). That’s a pretty good recommendation right there.

It’s kind of weird that you don’t want to listen to “Nightshift” right now. But hey, I’m just leaving it down here for you. It’s today’s 12 O’Clock Track. Also, Commodores play Arcada Theatre in Saint Charles on Saturday. I’m not sure what they’ll play, but I have a pretty good feeling that they might play “Nightshift.”