You can’t do a better job of summing up the sorry state of vapid, ironic 00s humor than “30 Awesomely Bad Unicorn Tattoos: A Gallery,” where ironic “bad” unicorn tattoos–and a couple of legitimately sad ones–are put up to be I guess appreciated in an ironic fashion. Smirks all around.

The fact is that we hit Peak Irony even before the trucker-hat fad, and people who “totally love” Jamie Foxx songs or wear T-shirts with redneck slogans on them are just sucking the bitter dregs. But there will come a time when people stop feeling good only when they’re hating something else, and when it arrives this guy will be our king:

Watch it all the way to the end. I swear it’s worth it. As Gabe at Videogum notes, “At first you assume that this is just another surreptitiously recorded video of a man making a fool of himself in a public setting. […] But that is not what this is. What this is is a reminder that we all hold within our tiny shorts the power to change the world.”

I want to see that guy put in charge of something. Let’s give him Labor Day and see what he comes up with. I’m guessing best party ever.