This is how Funkmaster Flex makes those explosion noises
  • This is how Funkmaster Flex makes those explosion noises

Those of us who live outside of New York City don’t often get the chance to witness the aural insanity that is Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex debuting a hot new single. Part sales pitch, part tent-revival sermon, part state-of-the-rap-world speechifying, and part deconstruction of the very concept of playing records to an audience, a good Funk Flex premiere is frequently as bizarre and fascinating a piece of performance art as you’ll find on the SAI-kid loft circuit.

Lucky for us Ego Trip’s taken it upon themselves to post the complete audio rip of Flex dropping the new Jay-Z/Kanye collaboration “Otis”—a peek at their upcoming Watch the Throne album—last night on his show, and boy is it a doozy. Flex starts off teasing us with a snippet of the intro, then starts feeding us longer samples, along the way dissecting every new line that comes in, advising other rappers to reconsider their albums’ release dates in re: Watch the Throne, and generally admonishing everyone else who dares to make rap records while Jay-Z and Kanye are still making rap records. And of course there are like a million bomb-explosion samples. The whole thing takes an entire 20 minutes. It’s completely off the rails and highly, highly recommended.

As for the song itself I’m still warming up to it. Is it just me or does Kanye sound more and more like Aziz Ansari doing a Kanye impression with every passing single?