• Intrepidos Punks

Tomorrow nightA week from tomorrow the Logan Theatre launches a new late-night series called Wednesday Rewind. The series, slated to occur weekly at 10:30 PM, will be devoted to weird or otherwise obscure items from the 70s and 80s. As you might expect, the selections skew towards exploitation movies—tomorrow’s inaugural screening is a mid-80s Mexican Mad Max knockoff called Intrepidos Punks—though the grab bag program also includes Fabio: A Time for Romance, Baby Huey’s Easter Adventure, and the semirespectable Liquid Sky. (Gee, do you think the kids at Everything Is Terrible! had a hand in this?) You can check out the full schedule here, though I’d recommend going in cold. Admission for the series is only three dollars and the theater serves beer. Few if any of these movies should be good, but it’s likely the audiences will be lots of fun.