• And any body can spit water too!

At the end of the opening titles for this Bollywood crowd-pleaser—which is being advertised as the first Indian dance film made in 3-D—Remo D’Souza takes a single credit for direction and choreography, and in that order. That’s a commendably modest gesture, as well as an honest one: ABCD (Any Body Can Dance) 3-D, currently playing at the River East 21, is only D’Souza’s second film as director, but he’s choreographed nearly 100 movies and he’s a fixture on Indian TV as a judge on dance-competition shows. Of course there are plenty of similarities between directing a movie and choreographing an elaborate dance number, in terms of coordinating large groups of people and orchestrating countless small details into a compelling whole (and those who excel in either tend to have a natural gift for rhythm and movement). But that doesn’t mean any good choreographer will make a good filmmaker, the success stories of Busby Berkeley and Bob Fosse notwithstanding.