• One of the more improbable moments

If and when Madlib gets around to making a third Beat Konducta in India LP, I hope he works in the song performed during the engagement party scene of Son of Sardaar. The backbeat’s constructed around a group of men chanting “Hey!” with the sound canned and clipped into a punchy downbeat. Surely Madlib can do something inventive with this.

In any case, that engagement party number makes Sardaar worth the price of admission. Vibrant in its colors and its filling-out of the wide-screen frame, it should satisfy anyone looking for old-fashioned Bollywood spectacle. The rest of the movie isn’t bad either, though the cartoonish energy gets a little wearying after a while (imagine a Bugs Bunny cartoon stretched out to 140 minutes). Thankfully the movie’s playing at River East, so there are long hallways just outside the theater where you can stretch your legs now and then.