* The Chicago Reporter has an excellent piece reporting that Illinois has the most poorly rated black-majority nursing homes in the country. The numbers aren’t any better when you drill down. This, however, seems like a reasonable proposal:

“Wendy Meltzer, executive director of the Chicago-based advocacy group Illinois Citizens for Better Care, said Illinois is known to have ‘ridiculously low’ minimum staffing ratios. ‘We should adopt the minimum suggested federal staffing ratios, which I think would at least double the nursing staff, professional and certified, working in Illinois nursing homes,’ she said.”

* The Chicago Reporter also continues its look into Wells Fargo’s lending practices in Chicago and Baltimore.

* The S-T‘s Rosalind Rossi analyzes a new U of C report on teacher turnover in CPS, “with about 100 schools losing on average nearly a third of their teachers a year, the study found.” If you’re wondering where the small schools initiative comes from, here are a couple profiles of Steve Barr, whose Green Dot schools are one of the models.