• Eric Futran
  • Girl & the goat leg

Three new reviews this week: I was thoroughly won over by Stephanie Izard’s Girl & the Goat, Anne Spiselman found a few surprises at the mostly half-assed Chikurin Sushi & Asian Cuisine, and Heather Kenny digs chef Alan Lake’s retooling of Evanston’s Il Pensiero, now Pensiero Ristorante.

Elsewhere, Sarah Klose observes that some restaurants she visited recently are overcharging their customers on sales tax despite a recent .25 percent decrease of the Cook County rate. Her unscientific survey yielded a couple places charging below the proper 10-to-11 percent rate on her billl, but a majority charging too much over it. (Additional data point: I was recently undercharged only 8.6 percent at Lillie’s Q. So go figure.)

In the listings: 15 Randolph Row and Fulton Market restaurants.