Judging from the name Slurping Turtle, you might expect Takashi Yagihashi’s new River North restaurant to be a noodle shop. Not so, says Mike Sula in his review—there are just a handful of dishes comparable to Japan’s regional ramen varieties, among them tan tan-men, a mildly spicy stew with ground pork and meatballs that he finds the most fulfilling bowl on the menu. But there’s plenty to like among the rest of the offerings: charcoal-grilled skewers, side dishes, “tapas,” and raw appetizers, most notably items like crunchy fried chicken karaage, miso-dressed cod, juicy grilled duck, and honeyed quail thigh. As opposed to what you’ll find at Yagihashi’s upscale namesake, Takashi, “this is drinking food at (mostly) comfortable pricing,” he says, “and a far more persuasive approximation of an actual izakaya” than its downtown neighbors offer. Now we just need a noodle shop.