Mike Sula catches up with Phillip Foss, the Le Cirque-trained chef who after being fired from Lockwood for tweeting a bong joke started one of the city’s first food trucks, the Meatyballs Mobile. Foss recently shelved the meatballs to devote all his time to three-month-old El Ideas, the tiny 14th Street fine-dining venture where he’s teamed up with Andrew Brochu, formerly of the late Kith & Kin. They’re serving multiple-course prix fixe dinners featuring painterly dishes like Brochu’s take on frozen broccoli and cauliflower with cheddar sauce (pictured) and Foss’s “eggs,” a disk of uni flan on rock shrimp with custardy slow-scrambled eggs and arctic char roe. The restaurant now is up to 16 seats, but the $135 tickets for the meal, which are distributed based on a lottery, are hard to come by—El Ideas is booked through the spring of 2012.