As part of our 2011 Year in Review, Mike Sula—with the assistance of software program CriticKiller 2012—selects eight top new restaurants, along with ten honorable mentions. There’s Next, of course, but also Phillip Foss and Andrew Brochu’s El Ideas, Giuseppe Tentori and the Boka Group’s GT Fish & Oyster, Paul Virant and the Boka Group’s Perennial Virant, Brendan Sodikoff’s Maude’s Liquor Bar, and Mark and Elizabeth Mendez’s Vera. Not all are swanky: rounding out the list are Tony Hu’s Mao-themed Lao Hunan and Art Jackson’s Bridgeport Pleasant House Bakery. Among the honorable mentions: Al Dente, Snack Planet, La Taberna Tapas, and Telegraph Wine Bar.