Coffee and doughnuts

Mike Sula travels downstate to the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, where the U.S. Forest Service is recruiting volunteers to help weed out the invasive weed garlic mustard, which threatens indigenous plants like toothwort, spring beauty, and trillium. It’s pernicious—but edible, with a mild garlic flavor that can be put to use in salads, pesto, or even a cocktail, as Sable head bartender Mike Ryan finds in our new drinks feature Cocktail Challenge. You’ll find more recipes for garlic mustard from forager, chef, and caterer Iliana Regan on our relaunched blog, the Bleader.

In Key Ingredient, Mexique chef-owner Carlos Gaytan takes dried shrimp and makes “coffee and doughnuts,” i.e., shrimp consomme and shrimp beignets with Parmesan and white truffle oil, served with saffron foam and tuile “spoons.” Next up is Doug Sohn of Hot Doug’s, working with chicken feet. “They’re really good,” says Gaytan.