Kate Bush is a having a real moment right now. The art-witch vibe she perfected back in the 70s and 80s has provided a foundational influence for Grimes and other new artists who’ve been accumulating a whole lot of cultural capital recently, and she has some highly influential proselytizers elsewhere as well.

Bush’s effects on the zeitgeist reached a weird high last weekend when more than 300 people gathered in a park in Brighton, England, to set a record for the most people simultaneously reenacting the video to her 1978 UK-chart-topping single “Wuthering Heights.” (The actual record they were setting and what entity was in charge of verifying it aren’t detailed in the article, although it has quite a bit of detailed information about the weather conditions.) From the pictures provided of 300-plus people dancing around in red cloaks, it looks like it was both very fun and totally insane.

Closer to home, Chicago-based Internet idol (and disclosure: my friend) Molly Soda has launched a “project/piece” with the aim of collecting as many video reenactments of the “Wuthering Heights” clip as possible. According to her instructions, “ideally i’d like you to mimic the dance that she does in the video, but you can make it your own, throw your own spin on it.” They’re already starting to roll in. If you’re interested in submitting one, e-mail mollysoda@gmail.com.

Hit the jump to see the Kate Bush original.