Did any of you guys make it out to Record Store Day? Anyone luck out incredibly and score one of the five test-pressing editions of the Big Star LP? Those things are so ridiculously expensive on eBay! This week’s Photo Pit, shot by Robert Loerzel, captures the RSD scene at a few Chicago music retailers—it’s a pretty great look at the holiday in all its vinyl-crazed glory.

Elsewhere in the music section, Jacob Arnold of the blog Gridface discusses under-the-radar house duo Virgo Four and their new set of old material, I share my thoughts on several local releases, Kevin Warwick shares the details of the multivenue Avant_Mutek festival of experimental electronic music (which starts tonight), Gossip Wolf brings us up to speed on Chicago indie-rock and hip-hop news, the Secret History of Chicago Music profiles lost 70s prog-pop band Ultima Thule, and the List highlights concerts by the Black Lips, Low, Eleventh Dream Day, former Crass member Steve Ignorant, and KEN Mode.

That last show might be especially nuts. “The Mutiny is gonna be a smoldering crater come Saturday,” says Warwick, and considering the rest of the lineup (the Chicago Thrash Ensemble, Fuck the Facts, Bongripper) as well as the venue’s notoriously craziness-inducing “mini-pitchers” (or, if you look at it the other way, “ridiculously huge beer mugs”), he could turn out to be right.