I didn’t even notice when it officially became fall, but now that we’ve had a couple below-50 nights, my autumn allergies have come back, and there’s an issue of the Reader with zero music-festival guides, it’s starting to finally sink in. But why mourn the passing of summer when there’s still so much music to enjoy?

Gossip Wolf’s sporting a new look, with a wolfy mascot designed by poster artist Keith Herzik and the hottest news on local crust-punk and psych-rock happenings. In Sharp Darts I look at the new site Pay With a Tweet and ponder the monetary value of social-networking buzz. David Whiteis brings us the story of prewar bluesmen Joe and Charlie McCoy and a benefit concert to buy headstones for their unmarked graves in south-suburban Alsip. Photo Pit puts us in the middle of a raucous crowd for Mahal Rai Banda’s World Music Festival show last week at Martyrs’. And in the List you’ll find recommendations for Prince Rama, Swans, Eels, and more.