I had a lot of fun working on my latest column, What’s an Album Worth? The highlight was spending the better part of an hour talking about music on the phone with Ian Mackaye. If you ever get the opportunity to have a conversation with Ian Mackaye about anything, I highly recommend you take it. He is pretty much the best dude around.

Elsewhere in the current issue of the Reader, our Brooklyn-based buddy Michaelangelo Matos reviews the extremely ambitious 18-disc (!) box set Africa: 50 Years of Music. Gossip Wolf’s got the dish on the closing of the beloved studio Semaphore, Will Oldham’s anti-fashion sense, and Via Tania’s move back Down Under. The Photo Pit brings us images from last weekend’s Chicago Bluegrass & Blues Festival. And the List has yet another week of great live-music picks, including Killing Joke, Andrew Bird, Tennis, and My Chemical Romance.