I don’t think I’ve ever read a more compelling show recommendation than Jessica Hopper’s Critic’s Choice on Robyn in this week’s Reader. Here’s the kicker: “the last time I saw her play, I went into labor, but she was so good I stayed for her entire set.” That is what I call dedication.

Non-childbirth-related music coverage in the current issue includes a conversation among three generations of blues musicians about the legend of Robert Johnson, on the occasion of a centennial tribute concert happening Friday; my profile of psych-metal new jacks Killer Moon; the Secret History of Chicago Music on blues-harp blower Big Walter Horton; Gossip Wolf’s roundup of the latest local noise/metal/psychedelic/neo-Kraut-garage/”dirtbag” news; a handy guide to the University of Chicago Folk Festival; and previews of shows by Bobby Conn, Interpol, Gang of Four, Deerhoof, the Eternals, and more, all of which may or may not make you have a baby.