Obviously the best news of the day is that Big Rahm is officially in the running for mayor. I’m not necessarily saying I want him to win—but now that he’s definitely in the race, it’s going to provide a lot of entertainment during the bleak winter months. Shit, we should get the Rent Is Too Damn High guy on the ballot too.

Of course, it’s also the season of giving, so we got you guys a crazy rare Michael Jackson song. Actually it’s the first professional recording he ever did, and it’s been lost for more than four decades. You can listen to an excerpt of the song exclusively at the Reader—and read about how it came to light in an excellent story by Jake Austen. Since we’re feeling generous we’ll also throw in an extra-juicy Gossip Wolf, some photos from one of Andrew Bird’s recent concerts at the Fourth Presbyterian Church, and List picks that include James Chance, the DKV Trio, Cyrus Chestnut, and Sleepovers.